Despre noi/About Us


After working many years for a chemical multinational company, Mr. Koutsoubas Kostas decided that he needs new challenges in his professional career and, in 1992, he founded COSTHEVA S.R.L. in Constanta City, Romania.

Using his experience and technical knowledge, Mr. Koutsoubas, acting like a CEO of his company, has been producing in the last 25 years a wide range of chemicals for cleaning and maintenance, paints and primers to the highest standards of quality and enviromental protection.

Today, COSTHEVA S.R.L. products are used in chemical, marine, oil/gas industries, factories, power-plants, construction sites, civil or industrial buildings. For a wide range of materials, surfaces and various buildings, COSTHEVA S.R.L. offers solutions that improve appearance, protection, durability, security and energy effiency. Also our cleaning products protect and increase the life, effiency ans sustainability of equipment and installations.

COSTHEVA’s reputation as a chemical company is insured by amployees professionalism and the quality of products compliant with Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 And ISO 14001:2015. As a result, our quality products and fast delivery provides efficient and realiable results for correct prices and flexible payment methods, thereby making COSTHEVA S.R.L. your global partner for successful shipping, freight, contruction or energy business.

Since its foundation, our main customers have been shipping companies and shipyard from the Romanian Black Sea, and oil companies involved in exploration and exploitation of Romanian’s oil and gas reserves off shore and inland. However, in today globalized e conomy Mr. Koutsoubas realized that he must extend the reach of his products to customers worldwide, therefor making COSTHEVA S.R.L. a global player in the marine chemical market.

Having this globalized vision for the next 25 years of the company, Mr. Koutsoubas started in 2018 a process of thechnological upgrading and re-branding for COSTHEVA S.R.L. consisting in:

  • Upgraded the production lines in order to be able to meet the highest quality standards demanded by the international customers;
  • Extended the products range with new and powerful formulas adapted to the necessities of the modern shipping, freight and energy industries;
  • Transferred the comoany website to a new domain, in order to reach customers from anywhere in the world.

COSTHEVA S.R.L., Romania, European Union